DSA Registration

Welcome to Finance Centre! With a free registration for DSA with us, you get access to the leads available with us. We provide all types of financial product’s leads for your place.


DSA Registration is available for all NBFCs and private banks in India. In addition to that, we have built some special integrated tools for DSA. These tools cover the unique range of features like lead capturing, lead nurturing and lead tracking at real time. These crucial features provide complete control over the leads to all the DSA’s associated with us.


Finance Centre is one of the largest nonprofit project in financial industry operated by SUDESH KUMAR FOUNDATION. We operate as an extended resource arm of the local financial organizations and has an in-depth understanding of their requirements. In partnership with regulatory organizations, lead players of industry and professional service providers, we bring all sorts of legal and business sustainability services for startup including fintech solutions and events. Most of the individual and corporate prefer us for collecting and comparing the information on various types of matter in money market available all over India.